Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I saw these bare trees the other day. It surprised me. It wasnt like this just a short few years ago. Apparently theres been a lot of earthworks in the area in the last few years. The swampy land has turned dry and i guess the trees just died. (Or is that the other way round?). Its really a pity. The trees look so tall and majestic before, high above everything else. I used to dream of being up there, so i can see everything around for miles on end. And I used to imagine also at one time being a sniper up there, shooting at enemies from afar. They wouldnt know what hit them!! hahaha... When i was a kid lah. Hey, everyone dreams of being soldiers right???

Hmm...Violet has gone and disappeared again. I wonder what happened to her? She took lots of pics recently.. Hey violet, where are you..???????

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