Saturday, April 28, 2007


I saw a couple of little fellows at a basketball court the other day. They had a basketball between them. But the court was used by some bigger boys. So they were standing around, waiting for their turn.

They had a lot of enthusiasm. The basket was high, but their love for the game can be seen in their faces.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Across the border

Sometime ago we went to Miri. Just driving around..and we discovered this place.

Can you believe this is in Miri?! Its a nice recreation park. They have this water park, and just nearby is a big jungle-jim type park, a skateboarding park is just a bit further, and snaking all around is this long suspension bridge.
Why cant we have this in Brunei? At least its nearby, so we can bring our kids there weekends.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

mangga muda for B$2.00 @Serasa

We went to Serasa Sunday. Went to the usual Soto stall there. Then we saw next to the stall these two women selling mangga muda. Can't help it lah. Violet took the pics.

Kampong Ayer Ku

These are Violet's Pictures. Took them on a recent visit to Kg Ayer. I like the pics. Make Kg Ayer so beautiful and romantic.

Kg Ayer is a beautiful setting really. Always comes out good in pictures.

She went out in the late afternoons, when the sunlight is low. Not ideal for photography, but on that day, the strong sun rays make for dramatic photos.

Remember the Jong Batu? I like this pic.
The rest of the pics are Violet playing with PS effects.

And children! What is Kg Ayer without children.
WIll make a trip to Kg Ayer again soon.

Beautiful tungku beach..again

We went to Tungku Beach again. Sun was shining brightly. Unfortunately it was late afternoon when we got there. Stayed on til sundown.

I like the colour of the trees when the sun shines on them. Nice.

Again some scenes. The DST tower is visible from where i was.

We went to a part of the Tungku that is only accessible by 4WD, using the beach as a road. The original road is ruined by the construction work being carried out there. Hopefully something good will come out of that.

You cant help but be impressed by the rock structures put up there, to protect the beach.

And of course fishermen.

Tungku Beach has become a regular haunt for us. Its nice.

LuNcH with Blue.

On Saturday Violet cooked lunch. Sardines man! I tell you she makes the best Sardines. Well, anu dalam tin plang tu tapi dicampur dengan..? And sambal belacan! MMmmphh. Tiada tandingannya. No joke!! And she took pics! She goes everywhere with her camera now. AND she takes photos of everything.

Her cooking utensils. Sitting in the kitchen sink.

Instead of washing them, she took photos of them.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Fishing at Tungku Beach

Tungku Beach. Its nice there if you want to rest and enjoy the sea breeze. I sometimes go there with some friends for some fishing.

These pics i took a few weeks back. Fishermen , all of them.. The lengths they go to just to have a relaxing time.

I met these three old folks, enjoying their fishing. Mengikis. It was late evening. Caught lots of little fishies.

They kept going into the sea. Kept on fishing til about eight. Must have been tiring. Those nets are heavy, especially if they are full.

Anyway, hopefully, will be going with V early tomorrow morning. Right V?

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Hey V, look...sexyback.

or rather, sexybutt.


Some pics from the tambing, while just lazing about. That spot is just great for 'buang stress', with a great view of the water taxis whizzing up and down the river.

Saw this group of tourists going onto several boats to Temburong. Lucky them..

This water taxi man wondering if there are any left for him.

And of course, the view of the other side..

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Berakas forest rec area

The Berakas Forest Recreation Park is beautiful. Lots of picnic places there. I went there just to take a quick look. And i will be coming back soon. Its a great picnic spot. And lots of play area for children and families. Its overlooking the beach and ocean so you get a good beach area.

You get a great viewing area. Lots of little huts overlooking the beach..
Great childrens playing area, lots of swings.

And, you get lots of these little creatures. Cute but annoying sometimes. Just dont let your children play on their own...

I say cute, but some of them are quite large.

Jerudong fishermen

A lazy Sunday afternoon a few weeks back, V was away. So i went with my camera to Jerudong to see the fishermen landing. It wasnt a good day for photography, cloudy and it was quite late in the afternoon.

They were all landing then. A good bunch of them. A beautiful sight. Got off a few shots.

Shows the good community spirit among the fishermen.

I'm not sure what they were doing. Somebody told me they were cleaning their nets, or probably collecting fish from their nets.

I quite like this one

Anbody has free time, come down to the beach. Its beautiful

Sunday, April 15, 2007


We missed the SMARTER Hill climb events today. We made plans to join the events but for one reason or another, we missed the hill climbs completely. After all those practice climbs..

Anyway, on Friday morning, we were bored so we went to Tasek, this time doing the Tasek-Sheraton Hill run. We brought V's camera along. I did the snapping.

The Tasek hills are very nice. Gentle and challenging at the same time. The first hill's a killer, for first timers anyway. The rest of the way to Sheraton is quite okay, short gentle hills. V tried it for the first time Friday, and she did well.

For anyone who hasnt been there but fancy doing some exercises, i very much encourage you to do so. The Tasek-Sheraton run, and back again should take you just an hour. First timers normally just climb the first hill and back down again. That should take about 20 minutes. But i guarantee you'll sweat. And feel sooooo good later.

view from the top

I took the pics. Shows you how beautiful the hills are. We reached the Sheraton hills after about 35 minutes and took the 'easy' way back, along the main road.

When you see this, you know you've reached the 'other end'. Big sigh from V.