Sunday, October 7, 2007

The P Monkey

Took this pic of our latest tourist attraction a few weeks back. Saw him hiding in the trees tourist-watching. But once the boat bringing the tourists passed by, out he went sun-lounging. haha. He looks so cool with his big nose. Imagine sitting face to face with that , and trying not to laugh. haha

I was out with Violet to the river behind Kg Tg Bunut. Didnt realise that was where these babies were hanging out. Cool.


Aku said... shoot this from land? where is the exact location?

Blue n Violet said...

Yep from land. I was on the bridge arah Makan Luba. Its somewhere along Jalan Haji Halus Kg Bunut. Nice place

Blue n Violet said...

Oh and i was using violets' 300mm cam.