Friday, September 28, 2007


Went to the waterfront area with the Monument to His Majesty's 60th birthday. A gift from the people. I still dont like it. It doesnt do anything for me..would have been better if it was something more solid..more traditional. As it is, its kinda weird. But i love what they did to the environment of the waterfront area. Its so nice. Wish they could extend it throught the whole waterfront.

Took these pics there. Spent a good hour just pointing our cameras up and down the place. I didnt get much pics of the actual 'monument' thingy tho..nothing much to take there. Looks empty...not solid. Bad for pictures.

The water taxis did good business that day..lots of people travelling up and down the river. Up and down the boats. Good for photogs hoping to get good pictures. Love that.

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